Magic goop!

There are all kinds of “magic goop” that can be applied after affected material removal and then HEPA vacuuming – removal is still paramount. I believe the truth of it is, unless we verify with sampling …we offer nothing more than an opinion or maybe even an educated opinion (and you know what they say about opinions!). When you’re sitting in a courtroom and the lawyer says, “Oh yeh .. prove it” you’ll wish you had some physical proof to back you up. When you bid a job at $10,000 and some one with a pickup truck and a shop vac bids $1200, what makes him wrong if it’s all just an opinion! I’ll put my faith in some form of science. I was recently asked by an insurance company to verify that a client had cleaned up his own basement, which puts me on the hook legally if I clear it … without testing.
What good are we if all we can say is “I guess so!”