Indoor Environmental Testing and Sampling

Nothing is more frustrating than indoor air quality problems in your home. Without trained Indoor Environmental Testing and Sampling personnel and specialized equipment, so-called “air quality experts” just guess what the problem may be. You can spend untold hours and thousands of dollars on “solutions” that don’t resolve your air quality issues.

CESI’s Indoor Environmental Testing and Sampling service provides testing and factual data that actually describe and measure the conditions inside your home. This assessment will measure a range of indoor air variables including:

  • The moisture level in building products
  • Temperature and temperature variations
  • Relative humidity
  • Airborne and surface mold detection
  • Airborne and surface mold classification
  • Airborne and surface mold quantification
  • Volatile Organic Compound detection

Following our analysis, we will develop a set of specific recommendations to resolve indoor air quality issues you may be experiencing.

Our professional staff members are trained to assess the environmental conditions inside of a home. We can detect and measure specific contaminants and irritants that can cause or aggravate health conditions. Once we know what is in the air in your home, we can treat the problem, and recommend corrective actions to ensure that your air quality problems are resolved.


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Please accept this letter as an expression of gratitude and praise for your services and as a high recommendation for future clientele. We found our business with CESI to be highly professional, fairly priced, prompt, and thorough. We were most impressed with the speed and accuracy of your work, and your candidness in the matters at hand. Your guaranteed work gives us peace of mind, knowing that our house was properly and professionally remediated, and that the work you provided was backed by your guarantee. I would highly recommend CESI for any and all home or environmental cleaning services.

Dr. Dennis M. Summers


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