Environmental Duct Cleaning

Our professional Environmental Duct Cleaning team has more than 16 years of experience in HVAC system design. We have certified Air System Cleaning Specialists, certified Ventilation System Mold Remediaters and more than 20 years of environmental duct cleaning experience.

If your idea of duct cleaning involves a technician vacuuming out your ductwork, you should know that kind of duct cleaning does more harm than good.

Our Environmental Duct Cleaning Team:

  • Protects your home from foot traffic and equipment by putting down floor protection and wearing shoe covers
  • Removes all registers and return air grilles for thorough cleaning
  • Maintains the vacuum connection at the furnace to keep dust, bacteria, and mold in the duct system, rather than letting it spread throughout the structure
  • Blocks return and register boot areas to prevent the spread of contaminants while cleaning is going on
  • Uses high pressure air (175 psi) and rotary brushes to scrub compacted materials from the interior of the ductwork
  • Cleans the return drop, the plenum, the evaporator coil and condensate pan, the humidifier, the inside of the cabinet, the outside of the cabinet, the blower section, the filter section, and any other ancillary equipment attached to the system
  • Replaces registers and grilles, reinstalls any other parts of the system, cleans the area and gathers up all tools and equipment used on site

You can rely on CESI professionals to thoroughly clean your HVAC system, literally from top to bottom. Our staff will make recommendations to help you achieve better system filtration, and because we don’t sell filtration products, you can be sure that our recommendations are made to benefit you.


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Please accept this letter as an expression of gratitude and praise for your services and as a high recommendation for future clientele. We found our business with CESI to be highly professional, fairly priced, prompt, and thorough. We were most impressed with the speed and accuracy of your work, and your candidness in the matters at hand. Your guaranteed work gives us peace of mind, knowing that our house was properly and professionally remediated, and that the work you provided was backed by your guarantee. I would highly recommend CESI for any and all home or environmental cleaning services.

Dr. Dennis M. Summers


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