Crystal Meth Cleanup

Crystal methamphetamine (Crystal Meth) is a toxic, highly addictive stimulant drug. It has no medicinal value, and is manufactured in clandestine labs that can either be permanent or temporary in nature.

The process of making crystal methamphetamine is inherently risky. Each pound of refined methamphetamine creates five pounds of toxic waste. Methamphetamine can be made from readily available materials, including brake fluid, lithium, drain cleaner, fertilizer and phosphorus.

The “cooking” process for crystal methamphetamine can create significant environmental hazards that linger indefinitely. Vapors penetrate porous surfaces like walls, carpets, flooring, insulation and cabinetry, and can leach volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can cause significant – even permanent – neurological and physiological damage to people who come in contact with them. Once contaminated, a methamphetamine lab remains contaminated until it is professionally remediated.

The Ohio State Legislature has declined to require notification to prospective homebuyers of a home’s status as a former methamphetamine laboratory. Additionally, most homes are sold “as-is.” You could unwittingly purchase a highly contaminated former methamphetamine cook site, and move your family into what should be classified as a toxic waste dump.

CESI can provide testing and cleaning services for any home or property you suspect of being a former methamphetamine laboratory. Our thorough assessment of your property (or prospective home) can discover hidden dangers that could put your family’s health in serious danger. We also offer expert remediation services to eliminate health hazards posed by your home’s toxic past.

Our staff is educated and trained in the specific remediation needs of former methamphetamine production sites. Our processes conform to nationally accepted standards for specialized scene cleaning. Allow us to restore your home safely, quickly and completely.


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Please accept this letter as an expression of gratitude and praise for your services and as a high recommendation for future clientele. We found our business with CESI to be highly professional, fairly priced, prompt, and thorough. We were most impressed with the speed and accuracy of your work, and your candidness in the matters at hand. Your guaranteed work gives us peace of mind, knowing that our house was properly and professionally remediated, and that the work you provided was backed by your guarantee. I would highly recommend CESI for any and all home or environmental cleaning services.

Dr. Dennis M. Summers


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